“The King Who Would Be Man” is a fictitious memoir-styled novel set in the 1990’s describing a difficult period in the life of an exceptional unnamed young man who is entering adulthood into an unexceptional world. As he finds himself thrust into a new world which he was – both in personal and working relationships. The story is told through the lens of this man as he suffers with intensifying mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia – all while he must cope and forage on with subtle but effective bullying/gaslighting and other psychological character-assassination attempts made by both his peers and supervisors.
The novel explores and is interlaced with many philosophies, introducing an alternative perspective on the human condition and how this behavior can be explained. It exemplifies how lonely it feels to try to fit in as the one black sheep in a field that is white and, having those feelings of being ignored, teased, bullied, beaten, drowned, and still resurfacing before that last ounce of air is about to expire.
It’s about winning and losing a war and realizing that the only thing that matters is that the battle was fought with integrity. It’s about how easily the fear can overcome the love, but how ultimately the love can shine through.
It’s about hope.


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