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Why We Allow Ourselves to be Stigmatized – It Makes No Sense to Me

I’d read that only about one third of those who suffered from mental health issues ever admitted to their illnesses. Using the terms ‘sufferers’ and ‘illnesses’ alone hints that these individuals were sick and therefore ‘lesser’ in some way than the rest of the population. It is akin to a cancer patient – they suffer..

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Unless You’ve Lived with It, You Couldn’t Begin to Understand…

He was an eccentric man in almost every conceivable way. If describing him with great modesty, it would have to be said that he had unsettling mannerisms. Most found him disturbing. Many found him intolerable. At the very least he was considered disruptive and annoying. The apparent consensus by those who encountered him was that..

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To Tell or Not to Tell? Admitting there Is a Problem – Stigma

I was 34-years old when I was formally diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Since my childhood, I had been suffering from increasingly debilitating feelings of anxiety and depression. As I approached my teens these feelings intensified; and, by my mid-to-late 20’s, I was subjected to delusional and crippling paranoid thoughts, and I started hearing arguments within my..

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