February through mid-July 2020:

Hello Covid-19 – welcome to the world!

I slowly lost my creative spark as the virus spread across the world. Unlike the US, here in Ontario, Canada the response to the virus was pretty good, at least in my opinion. I didn’t know anyone who had caught it. We were all glued to our homes under a lockdown until about late May, as the summer approached.

Although I believed that I was mentally and emotionally fine, I learned that being under a lockdown for a few months had messed with my head – the entire world had changed. It messed with everyone’s heads in some ways.

I did manage to write a couple of blog posts, but I was advised that they were possibly too controversial at the time. I have posted them here in the Blog section.

July 11, 2020:

My first novel, The King Who Would Be Man was published and made available to the public.

July 11 through mid-November 2020:

As expected mostly friends and family purchased the book. It was also passed around by readers – we are in a pandemic – who has the money to buy a book when they may be fretting over their mortgages? The reviews and response has been amazing. Unfortunately, if I bought a book for a friend or acquaintance they weren’t able to leave a review. I understand why – if I spent my own money and gave the book to a person it could be perceived as a form of buying a good review. I suppose that could be considered unethical. I promise that my intentions were pure! I just want people to read and share my work.

We planned an official but small launch party for mid-September, but due to the Covid-19 concerns we put it off. We made a trial video, however, we decided to hold off. I surprised myself that I spoke quite well in front of the camera. I think that I always knew that I could be an excellent orator if I was passionate about the topic.

Like millions of others, the pandemic and state of the world politics really did a number on me, psychologically and emotionally. Unknowingly, I was increasingly falling victim to the virus indirectly – they have been calling it “Covid Fatigue.” I experienced a minor psychotic break, and fell into a deep depression.

Mid-November to the Present:

I won’t discuss my personal thoughts on politics – at any level – suffice it to say that I felt very tense and was living in a fog of Fear mixed with a complete lack of Hope. What was happening was disturbing, and worrisome – if not outright frightening. 

Just as a few of us predicted, we entered the second wave of the Covid-19 virus as autumn arrived. We here in Hamilton, Ontario are not under lockdown yet; Toronto (an hour northeast away) is… We are expecting a long, lonely winter.

With all of the developments over the past month or two, my writer’s block finally came to an end! I have endless ideas and thoughts that I am working on for my second and third books.

I have been further exploring the philosophies of morality, ethics, and good vs. evil.

I have also been writing a lot about childhood and teen years – it has been a very positive experience.

December 2, 2020:

I’ve finally got my website up and running!!